I've created over 100 YouTube videos documenting my game development journey, from my first game jams to my latest prototypes. My videos combine entertaining stories of relatable game development wins (and losses!) with useful tutorial content. And, of course, dozens of Breezy devlogs detailing the entire development history!

Besides my Steam release, I've developed more than a dozen jam games and smaller prototypes in Unity (though I've been learning Godot as well!), and I've published each of them on the web! These may not be full-length games, but they've all got little crystals of fun buried deep within, and - most importantly - I learned a lot while making them!

I do a lot of programming outside of games as well! Besides making this website, I've made several iterations of a lexing/parsing library called tuck. I'm working on creating a programming language using LLVM. (More details coming soon, hopefully!) I used to do a lot of my programming in C#, but I pretty much do everything besides gamedev in Rust nowadays.